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Our Mission

Wild Wonders Forest School aims to provide land based learning for children 3-12 years old. We value learning through play! Our educators use emergent curriculum and inquiry based learning to provide interest led and child centred activities. We aim to foster community development within our groups, as well as in the greater world.

Our Guiding Values

Our Guiding Values:

                            Nature, Art &Compassion


Wild Wonders Forest School believes children need repeated access to the same land, where they can explore and play at their own rhythm. We believe that children need opportunities to explore a wide variety of natural experiences. This develops such capacities as risk assessment, ecological awareness, and a feeling of belonging within the natural world.

Wild Wonders Forest School aims to provide rich materials with which children can explore creativity and self expression, to make their learning more visible. We believe art is an important reflection tool that can help children process and understand the world. We are inspired by the teaching of Reggio Emilia Preschools, striving to follow their example wherever possible. 


Wild Wonders Forest School believes we need more compassion in the world. We strive to both model and teach compassion for ourselves,  each other, and our natural world. We believe that children are naturally empathic beings, who’s impulses also need nurturing to grow and deepen. We aim to provide a compassionate example for children, as we set our community standards and create a culture of kindness together.


Our Vision

Wild Wonders Forest School is giving the leaders of tomorrow the time and space; to be active participants in their own learning, to make authentic connections with their peers, the environment and themselves, while co-creating a community in which they can discover who they are becoming.

Every day at Wild Wonders Forest school is a bit different based on the season, the weather, group interests, and activities introduced by our educators. We also try to provide some rhythms and routines that become predictable for our students.

A Day At Forest School

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We open each day with a Gathering circle

We meet the  parents at the main parking area.  Students explore and play while they wait for the rest of the group. Once everyone has arrived, we gather in a circle for our morning check-in. We start our days with gratitude, songs and daily intentions. These practices frame our daily plan. 


Lots of time each day is dedicated to free play


Each day the students are given large periods of time to really settle into deep play. Children are encouraged to make up games and choose their own activities. Educators and volunteers are encouraged to play with and deeply observe the students, noticing what learning is happening and how best to support, enrich and extend that learning.

Educators bring art,

crafts and



Each day, educators bring learning provocations, set up specifically to build on the themes and questions from the previous sessions. Most days, we will also be offering a new art process or craft technique or perhaps bring out some tools, that students are given the option to try.

Reflective practices help deepen learning

As the day at Wild Wonders Forest School comes to a close, students are encouraged to help tidy up the space and collect their belongings. We then share in a final circle that closes our time together. Going over the day's events, while asking questions and other reflective practices are used to consolidate the day's learning. 


An educators will always be on hand at the end of programs to greet parents, answer questions about the day and discuss any concerns.

We seek to dismantle the barriers to participation in Forest School as much as possible, by continuing to make our site as physically accessible for everyone as possible, and our community safe and welcoming to all.

It is our goal not to let financial need be a barrier to accessing our programs. We aim to make our programs accessible to as wide a range of students as possible. If cost is preventing your family or someone you know from participating in our programs please contact us for more information about our scholarships. We aim to provide at least one scholarship space for every program we run, so please, don’t hesitate to inquire. 

We are also working to establish a “gear bank” or “lending library” of outerwear (snow pants, hats, mitts, etc.) so that the supplies needed for safe enjoyment Forest School, are not a barrier to participation. If you need any gear for your child to attend Forest School, please let us know and we can check if we have anything that you could use. If you have a donation of old, gently used gear, please let us know.


We welcome many different kids into our programs, Including those on the Autism spectrum, or those with ADD/ ADHD etc. For example: in the past we have had children on the autism spectrum attend with a 1:1 aid for additional support. Please contact us if there are ways in which we can better provide support to your child while at our programs and/or if you have questions about how you child might be able to participate in our programs. 

Our Programs Also Qualify For Pro-Kids Funding!

We are so excited to announce that the Pro-Kids program can offer eligible families up to up to 300$/child, twice a year, towards our programs and necessary gear.

For eligibility and application forms, please visit...

Town of Bridgwater-                                                                  


                                                                                                              Municipality Of The District of  Lunenburg- 

Town of Lunenburg- 

Inclusion and Accessibility

Inclusion and Accessability

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